Sustainability Snapshot

Perseus believes that strong local community support and engagement is an eventual part of our business model in West Africa.

Enduring Prosperity
We are committed to providing lasting benefits to the countries and communities we operate in through investment and localisation.
Economic Contribution
Our financial contributions through payments to government, employees, suppliers and communities is a significant driver of growth.
Social Impact
We have invested in infrastructure projects which provide local communities with services and opportunities to prosper.

95.7% Local Employees

Perseus provides exposure to employment in the local community with 99% of employees in Ghana and 92% of employees in Côte d’Ivoire being local.
US$193m Local Supplier Purchases

Perseus spent US$193 million with Ghanaian and Ivorian suppliers and contractors in FY19, and US$610m since the beginning of FY17, a significant contribution to the economies of the countries.

US$5.6m Community Donations

Perseus has contributed US$5.6 million directly to local communities since 2010 through infrastructure, services and donations.

US$626m Capital Investment

Perseus has invested US$626 million in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

US$31m of Royalties and Taxes

Perseus contributed US$31 million in taxes and royalties to the Ghanaian and Ivorian governments in FY19, a 24% increase on the US$25m in FY18.

Community Benefits Realised

Perseus has provided 483 scholarships, built 280 houses, constructed 7 schools and established 3 health care centres in the communities around our operations.

Edikan Community Projects
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FY19 Revenue Distribution - US$ Millions

Revenue Distribution

FY19 Revenue & Financing Distribution - US$ Millions

Revenue & Financing Distribution

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