2018 ASX Announcements

20/12/2018 Appendix 3B (warrant conversion)
28/11/2018 Appendix 3Y (Carson)
28/11/2018 Appendix 3Y Quartermaine
28/11/2018 Appendix 3B (performance rights)
27/11/2018 Appendix 3B (warrant conversion)
26/11/2018 AGM Results
23/11/2018 AGM address by Managing Director
20/11/2018 Exploration Success at Edikan
 15/11/2018  Edikan Investor Site Visit Presentation
 15/11/2018  Sissingue Investor Site Visit Presentation
 15/11/2018  Yaoure Investor Site Visit Presentation
 14/11/2018  MSR: Significant Gold Results from the Mbengue Project
 8/11/2018  Appendix 3B (warrant conversion)
 5/11/2018  Yaoure Gold Project Scoping Study Underground Mine
 29/10/2018  Resource, reserve and life of mine plan update Sissingue
 18/10/2018  September Quarterly Report
 16/10/2018  September Quarterly Conference Call
 16/10/2018  Corporate Governance Statement/Appendix 4G 
 16/10/2018  Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
 16/10/2018  Annual Report to shareholders
 11/10/2018  Perseus completes Yaoure FEED study
 24/09/2018  Denver Gold Forum presentation
 11/09/2018  MSR: Manas commences drilling on the Mbengue Project
 4/09/2018  Annual General Meeting Date
 3/09/2018  Appendix 3B (warrant conversion)
 30/08/2018  Appendix 3Y (Layman)
 29/08/2018  2018 Financial Report
 29/08/2018  Edikan Life of Mine Plan
 29/08/2018  Perseus updates Resources and Reserves
 27/08/2018  Perseus Conference Call
 15/08/2018  Exploration update Cote d'Ivoire
 8/08/2018  Appendix 3Y (Carson)
 8/08/2018  Appendix 3Y (Quartermaine)
 8/08/2018  MSR: Update on Historical Results from Mbengue Project
 7/08/2018 MKG: Further Gold Mineralisation from RC Drilling Napie Project
 3/08/2018 Change in substantial holding
 2/08/2018  Appendix 3B (warrant conversion)
 13/07/2018  Quarterly Activities Report
 12/07/2018  Appendix 3B (warrant conversion)
 9/07/2018  June quarterly conference call
 5/07/2018  Perseus delivers record production
 1/06/2018  Appendix 3B (warrant conversion)
 1/06/2018  Appendix 3Z (Bohm)
 18/05/2018  MSR: Manas Expands Project Portfolio in Cote D'Ivoire
 11/05/2018  Appendix 3B (warrants exercise)
 10/05/2018  Becoming a substantial holder
 4/05/2018  Appendix 3B (warrant exercise)
 17/04/2018  European Gold Forum presentation
 16/04/2018  Ceasing to be a substantial holder
 16/04/2018  March Quarterly Activities Report
 13/04/2018  Appendix 3B (vested performance rights)
 9/04/2018  March quarterly conference call
 3/04/2018  Commercial production at Sissingue
 26/03/2018  Becoming a substantial holder
 21/03/2018  Ceasing to be a substantial holder
 19/03/2018  Becoming a substantial holder
 12/03/2018  Appendix 3B (warrant conversion)
 2/03/2018  Appendix 3B (vesting of PRs)
  2/03/2018  Perseus extends UK Depositary Interest facility
21/02/2018  Appendix 3Z (Davidson)
 21/02/2018  Perseus reports half yearly results
 21/02/2018  Half Yearly Report and Accounts
 19/02/2018  Sissingue Performance Test
 5/02/2018  Indaba presentation
 30/01/2018  December 2017 Quarterly Report
 29/01/2018  Perseus pours first gold at Sissingue
 22/01/2018  December quarterly conference call
 15/01/2018  Perseus introduces first ore to Sissingue mill



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